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- Fasteners made of Stainless Steel

In case the fasteners are used in all weather conditions or by example salt water, it is recommandable to use fasteners made of stainless steel (ss). It is often thought that stainless steel is harder than ordinary steel, but it this is based on a misunderstanding. It is even a little bit softer.

Best-fix offers a large range of stainless steel fasteners.

Manufacturer: Arrow Model: T50/..SS
Staple type T50 in Stainless Steel Staple type T50  SS has a crown size of 10,6 mm and is available in the following lengths: 06 mm - 1.000 pcs per box 08 mm - 1.000 pcs per box 10 mm - 1.000 pcs per box 12 mm – 1.000 pcs per box Staple T50 is equal to: Arrow T50 Bea 11 ..
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Manufacturer: Arrow Model: T59/0608BLSS
Special Stainless Steel insulated Staple T59 is suitable for data wire as coax-cable up to ø 8 mm. Cable Clamp T59 SS 6 x 8 mm Black has a leg length of 17 mm. Qty: 300 pcs per box..
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