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Hand Tackers

Manufacturer: Arrow Model: JT21
Hand tacker JT21CM from Arrow® has an all chromed steel housing with a rear load magazine. The steel parts are hardened in a 1,500 degree furnace and a rugged coil spring gives this fine wire stapler the power and performance one would expect from a much larger stapler. A convenient staple viewing w..
Manufacturer: Arrow Model: JT27
The light staple gun JT27 by Arrow® is well suited for craft work such as upholstery, hobby and small repair work. The stapler gun fires staples form a length of 6mm to 10mm. The JT27 staple gun used is the JT21 staples. Compact model with durable chrome finish Molded handle with plastic ..
Manufacturer: Arrow Model: T18
The T18 wire cable stapler is suitable for telephone, intercom and burglar alarm wiring up to ø 5mm Features: steel frame with chrome finish for long durability grooved driving blade patented jam proof mechanism easy compression handle with short span grooved guide ensures perfect s..
Manufacturer: Arrow Model: T25X
Cable Tacker T25X by Arrow is a lightweight stapler, suitable for non metallic sheated cables (low voltage cable) up to ø 6 mm. The strong staples type T25 give a substantial safety margin in holding cable, while the driving blade halts the staple at a safe height to prevent cutting into the wire..
Manufacturer: Arrow Model: T37
Arrow’s T37 wire staple gun is a specialty tool for professionals installing thermostats and low voltage communication wires in residential or commercial applications. The T37 has a durable chromed steel finish and hardened steel working parts. A grooved wire guide and driving blade help to prevent ..
Manufacturer: Arrow Model: T50HS
The new Arrow PowerShot Advanced staple gun T50HS from Arrow® is an easy to use tool with true professional grade power. It combines the patented Advanced Torsion-Drive Technology™ with an ergonomic forward action design to deliver a powerful, consistent, and hassle-free performance. A sleek die cas..
Manufacturer: Arrow Model: T55BL
T55BL from Arrow® is a hand staple gun with a great value for DIY consumers looking for a lower priced, general purpose staple gun. This hand tacker is ideal for upholstery, home repair and craft projects. It’s chrome steel body makes it durable to handle any project around the home...
Manufacturer: Arrow Model: T55C
Staple gun T55C by Arrow for staples type T50 Hand tacker T55C fires staples from 6 mm upto 14 mm All-Steel Construction Durable Chrome Finish Safety handle lock Moulded plastic handle stop Patented Jam-Proof Mechanism..
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Manufacturer: Arrow Model: T59
Cable tacker T59 is the Professionals choice for installing data and communication cables. Whether installing Cat 5e cables, RG-59, or RG-6 cables this tool will secure the wires without crimping. A grooved wire guide tracks along the cable, speeding the work and preventing damage. The hand tacker h..
Manufacturer: Arrow Model: T72
The Arrow T72 cable tacker is designed to fire insulated staples. Ideal for twin earth cable, communication cables and alarm cables up to ø 12 mm Removable wire guide perfectly centres cable up to 12mm wide Shoots large insulated cable clamps All Steel Construction with durable chrome fini..
Manufacturer: Arrow Model: TT21
The Arrow TruTac TT21 Forward Action Stapler is the smaller version of the TT50 and great for projects around the house.The direction of the handle on the TruTac TT21 stapler is reversed so you press down right over the point of impact. This makes it easier to staple and allows you to use your body ..
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Manufacturer: Bostitch Model: PC8000-KIT
Hand tacker PC8000 from Bostitch is a strong staple gun ideal for insulation, plastic sheeting, roofing paper and moisture wrap. The stapler comes in a practical case together with 1.000 staples 6 mm, 1.000 staples 10 mm and 1.000 staples 12 mm. This staple tacker fires power crown staples typ..
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