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Combi tackers

Manufacturer: Arrow Model: T2025
Dual purpose Tacker T2025 by Arrow for flat staples T20 and round crown staples T25 The cable and hand tacker ican be used for non metallic sheated cables (low voltage cable) up toø 6 mm and for by example upholstery and wood repairs This combi tacker has a steel frame with chrome finish and a..
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Manufacturer: Kitpro Model: T53
Light weight hand tacker KL16R from Kitpro® for both staples type 53 and mini brad 18G This combi stapler fires staples with a length from 6 mm up to 14 mm and minibrads of 15 mm..
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Model: ALU840K
Powerful, ergonomic aluminium stapler for professional use and precise jobs. Excellent results and a great durability make sure that this tacker can be used for ages. The 2-step adjustable power can be set for use with different materials and different staple sizes. The ALU840 can be used for divers..
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Manufacturer: Rapid Model: MS840
The MS840 combi tacker by Rapid® is a light, powerful and durable hand stapler with cast aluminium casing and all steel interior wear parts. Ergonomic handle and grip covered with soft non-slip material. A professional tool for demanding tasks. Fires flatwire staples type 11 from 6 mm upto 14 mm ..
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Manufacturer: Rapid Model: MS853
The Combi tacker MS853 from Rapid is a leight weight, powerful staple gun for demanding, professional applications and precision operation. High performance and long working life allow it to be used regularly. Other features include a 2-step force adjuster, which can be set to reflect different type..
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