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Hammer tacker HT55
Manufacturer: Arrow Model: HT55
The HT55 hammer tacker by Arrow® is a heavy duty stapler for staples type T50. Perfect for roofing, housewrap and vapour barrier as well as carpeting etc. All steel construction in an all chrome finish Anti slip rubber grip handle..
€72.23 €80.25
Industrial Plier Staple HSP-12 
Manufacturer: BestFix Model: HSP-12
Industrial Plier Staple HSP-12 comes with three attachments. Standard attachment for closing padded mailers. Sword/saber attachment for boxes and trays. Bag Sealer attachment for ice, meat and product bags. The staple plier uses staples type 73 in lengths 6 – 12 mm..
€36.21 €42.60
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Plier 31/4 for tubes
Manufacturer: BestFix Model: 31/4
Plier with U-formed throat especially for fixing lids on postal tubes and plastic baskets etc. The staple plier fires staples type 73 from 6 mm upto 12 mm in length..
€81.00 €108.00
Rapid Classic K1 for staples 24/6 and 24/8
Manufacturer: Rapid Model: ClassicK1
The Rapid Classic K1 is one of world's most sold pliers. The obvious choice for florists, mail rooms, shops, offices and home. Adjustable anvil for pinning. This plier has a chromed surface and a throat depth of 40 mm. This hand plier uses staples 24/6 (6mm) and 24/8 (8mm) and staples upto 50 sheets..
€25.55 €36.50
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Rapid Hammer tacker R311 for staple type 11 Rapid Hammer tacker R311 for staple type 11
Manufacturer: Rapid Model: R311
The R311 from Rapid ® is a hammer tacker with superior precision and durability. Ideal for fixing roofing felt, insulation material and vapor foil. The hammer tacker is suitable for type 11 staples (these are the same as Rapid 140/green) in lengths 6-12 mm. fast-loading mechanism without lo..
€60.75 €67.50
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Rapid Hand Plier HD31
Manufacturer: Rapid Model: HD31
The HD31 plier from Rapid is a powerful plier with 2 different anvils, easily attached with 2 screws. The stapler staples up to 70 sheets of paper (80 g/qm) and is perfect for using in postroom, office and warehouse. The heavy duty plier HD31 has a 65 mm insertion depth and uses staples 73/6 upto..
€56.70 €81.00
Rapid R11 for staples type 11 Rapid R11 for staples type 11
Manufacturer: Rapid Model: R11
The R11 hammer tacker by Rapid® is a highly professional, easy-to-use stapling hammer for stapling fitted carpets, insulation material, roof paper, labels etc. Single-handed, ergonomically designed rubber grip..
€58.77 €65.30
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Rapid R19 hammer tacker for staples type 37 Rapid R19 hammer tacker for staples type 37
Manufacturer: Rapid Model: R19
The R19 by Rapid® is compact and light hammer tacker for insulation materials and fast attachment of labels, posters etc. Single-handed ergonomic grip for easy operation. The hammer tacker takes staples type 37 in lengths 4 – 6 mm..
€47.12 €52.35
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Rapid R34 for staples type 11 Rapid R34 for staples type 11
Manufacturer: Rapid Model: R34
Hand tacker R34 by Rapid® is a powerful, high durability and all steel staple gun meeting the high demands from professional users. The hand stapler is suitable for ceiling, isolation, foil, tapistery etcetera. The Rapid 34 fires staples type 11 (also called type 140) in length from 6 upto 14 ..
€56.78 €66.80
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Rapid R34 in case with 4000 staples Rapid R34 in case with 4000 staples
Manufacturer: Rapid Model: R34K
High durability, all steel stapling gun meeting high demands from professionals. Suitable for securing celing tiles, insulation materials, plastic sheeting, fitted carpets etc...
€76.67 €90.20
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AP5 clear glue sticks
Manufacturer: Arrow Model: AP5
Arrow® AP5 glue sticks are transparent glue sticks with a diameter of Ø 12 mm and a length of 100 mm. Once liquid, the hot glue ensures perfect bonds of different materials such as wood, ceramics, leather, canvas, fabrics, cardboard, plastic and metal. The glue sticks fit into Arrow® glue gun TR5..
€1.95 €2.62
18G Brad, galvanized, different lengths
Bestseller -20%
Manufacturer: BestFix Model: BT13-GA
Galvanized mini brad 18 gauge is available in the following lengths: 10 mm - 5.000 pcs per box 13 mm - 5.000 pcs per box 15 mm - 5.000 pcs per box 20 mm - 5.000 pcs per box 25 mm - 5.000 pcs per box 30 mm - 5.000 pcs per box 35 mm - 5.000 pcs per box 38 mm - 5.000 pcs per box 4..
from €4.99 from €6.24
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